Should I get expelled?

This girl at my school is so jealous of me. She doesn’t even know me at all and she hated me from the first day of school. Mind you I barely even talk in that class. I tried being nice to her so many times. She either cuts me off or make rude ass remarks. So I was like ok let byegons be byegons. Everyday she talks shit about me. Mind you I’m very beautiful I get hit on all the time even after school. She always laughing and talking shit and everyday it bothers me. I’ve never been in a fight, I never had any problems with anyone. Like if you’re going to be jealous then be jealous no need to be rude to me for no reason. Today I asked my teacher a question and she made a smart ass remark to everyone in the class at that point I was ready to fight her ass. I want the boxing classes I took pay off. But I also don’t want to mess up my career for an ugly ass tramp.
Should I get expelled?
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