Which side of your family is more conservative?

All my relatives on my mom's side are all Bush/Cheney neocons, and I really hate that! (warning, some cussing in this post)

At least on my dad's side, we have diverse political groups. Many are staunch Trumpies, others staunch Bidenites. Most of them are either moderates, centrists, or pro-Palestine radicals; some are leftists like a few of my really hot mid-20s cousins.

My mom's side is really all about this pro-US imperialist, pro-interventionist, fuck-the-Turks-and-the-gays bullshit. I can't stand that shit at all. It's retarded. (Only my mom is tolerant of gay people; my brother and his dad, as well as my aunts and their brother aren't at all.)
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Which side of your family is more conservative?
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