Are we all doomed?

The majority have no clue or don't care if economy collapses. They believe the bull shit their professors told them that taxation and Government growth makes an economy better. It is the opposite. It destroys the economy. Debt always destroys healthy economies. Debt crashes the dollar. Weakens the dollar. Makes people earn less and less and puts people into poverty. Increases crime. Takes rights away from the people. Cuba was thriving country until Socialism took root. Now look at Cuba. Same as Venezuela. This happens with all Centralized governments that run economy. It is happening to US right now. They take the people's rights away and once you lose them , you never get them back.
Are we all doomed?
yes, the people are crazy and have no idea what a healthy economy looks like
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No and I also believe in the tooth fairy
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Are we all doomed?
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