Who else here is a progressive and doesn't like either Biden or Trump?

There is literally nothing in the Bible against gay people. There's a couple verses where it states women must be silent in church, but it states nothing against gay people. The verse implies man must not sleep with boy, not gay couples are evil. We're all born sinners, but my stepdad refuses to acknowledge that. He thinks Jesus never made mistakes. We're not even living in the South, we live near Los Angeles.

My stepdad is LITERALLY the Armenian post-Mussolini. Even most Trump-supporting conservatives that I know aren't as bigoted or hateful as him. I regret even voting for Trump in the presidential election and his fanbase/voting base has turned their backs on a FELLOW Trump voter (me). It's people like him that make me want to vote for a progressive in 2024. I don't like Biden either, he sucks too (Biden's fanbase and voting base are not much different from Trump's; Richard Spencer, Bill Maher and Dave Chapelle are extremely problematic). Biden not calling out the homophobes, transphobes, sexists and racists in his base is very arrogant of him, especially when he is calling for equality this and voting rights that.

My mom makes fun of my brother's struggle, saying he's 10 years old, a grown ass kid, who should get up from the toilet himself instead of asking for help. He's completely able-bodied, thank God, but if his legs or back are damaged, then my mom shouldn't be doing that. My mom literally only cares about my stepdad and the money. My mom still believes in questionable gender roles and patriarchy.
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Who else here is a progressive and doesn't like either Biden or Trump?
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