How do you feel about masking?

When the pandemic started last year I was very pro masking and antiseptic. However later data was released showing cloth masking was virtually useless (this didn’t get circulated on mass media of course). Only properly N95 masks offer SOME protection and there is no way the general population is going to do that.

I still masked even though I hated it. But then after the vaccines got widely available (I got fully vaccinated 6 months ago) I found mask mandates completely asinine. Only specific scenarios where you are around vulnerable people it should be considered. But even in those environments cloth masking is useless.

At this point I think vaccinated people who mask (when not required) are just brainwashed and/or are part of a strange paranoia clique. This is especially true for young people who mask (who have no pre existing conditions).
Near completely useless before and after the vaccine became available
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No longer necessary after getting vaccinated (except in very specific places such as nursing homes)
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For those of you who are vaccinated, already had covid or under 25…can you please tell me WHY you think masking is necessary?

There is just this really bizarre clique towards pandemic. There are people who should be concerned about COVID (especially if you were over 65 and/or obese) were dangerously cavalier about it. On the flip side there are people who should NOT be concerned about covid but still mask everywhere (including outside) despite being young and/or vaccinated.
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Wow this poll really ruffled some feathers from some of the comments I’ve read below. I guess the “covid psychosis” I theorized about from my observations is depressingly more real than I expected. Smdh.
How do you feel about masking?
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