What are your gun rights in your country?

Armalite style semi automatic rife
Armalite style semi automatic rife
Here in America we can go to gun stores and come out with a firearm after a few days of waiting period and a background check. I just purchased the rifle pictured, it can hold 30 rounds of.223 or 5.56.

I believe a well armed population who is familiar with gun function and safety is critical for survival. Imagine the very real possibility of a war where the mainland is invaded would you rather have a bunch of wussies armed with a butter knife or fellow citizens armed to the teeth ready to push back against the invasion? Yes we have gun violence here but it is rare the news puts it under spotlight because we live in an age of instant information. Out of our 330m odd civilians the few cases of criminal gun violence are rare, and any violence we have is a fair price we pay for freedom.
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This is what happens when you have a government of the people for the people and not for the king, despot, dictator. Protect your rights, freedom and appreciate it. Remember there are people alive today that had enemy tanks rolling through their neighborhoods dont think it can't happen and the military will always be there to protect you.
What are your gun rights in your country?
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