Why aren’t Republicans voters acting as deranged as deranged as Democrats when Trump was in office?

Funny I just noticed that GAG autocorrect (or is it my iPhone) automatically capitalized “Democrats” but not “republicans” in the poll title. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence right?

Anyway a blind man could see that the Biden administration’s policy has been an absolute incompetent catastrophe given what’s going on with inflation, Afganistán, the border, etc. Just look at his poll numbers. He’s got the vast support of the mass media and still his numbers are tumbling off a cliff. Trump on the other always had low approval numbers but that was more due to his self sabotaging personality vs. his actual policy which had the USA in excellent shape.

So what aren’t large swaths of Republicans acting deranged over Biden? What I mean is why aren’t we going round screaming at people, continually rioting, cutting off friends and family , ostracizing or even canceling coworkers and colleagues? Sure there was the one isolated very ugly and stupid Jan 6th incident (which almost all moderate conservatives felt disgusted with). But why aren’t we acting like we have psychosis at the mere mention of the word “Biden”

I actually know why. We are grown adults.
They have more class
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They are too busy working actual jobs and don’t have time for that bs
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Let’s fixate on Jan 6th and pretend that equals or even surpasses all the insanity the left did for over 4 years
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Republicans have acted just as bad as Democrats (give an example)
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Hey everybody I shouldn’t of brought up that autocorrect comment. I just noticed it when I was writing this poll. I can see how that comes off as fickle. But in reality I do see manipulation go on in big tech, public education and of course mass media.

Semantics may not see like a big deal but there really is an agenda to psychologically manipulate people (e. g. gender pronouns, etc.). But again that’s a separate topic.
Why aren’t Republicans voters acting as deranged as deranged as Democrats when Trump was in office?
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