What exact male privaledges do we have that woman dont?

I don't understand why feminists are needed or exist... I thought we all get the same privedges and treatment... Sure males might be more likely to get into work which requires more strength and activities, like a builder of construction for example... It makes sense a employer is more likely to hire a male, what do you expect?

But there is also advantages of being female too... for example woman can use their body to exploit and make money... For example only fans or prostitution... Typically males can't be prostitutes because not many woman would pay for sex... So there's advantages and disadvantages of both genders.. so why do girls act as if they are treated unfair or have less rights?
You don't see men going on protests and shit saying "male rights!" Cos we can't sell our body like woman can... You don't see us complaining we don't have equal rights cos we can't sell nudes on only fans... Maybe it's a time we create something called masculism where we try to get equal right for men to be able to sell their bodies... Huh?
I don't know what rights they don't have
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We are already all treated the same
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Woman have less rights (explain)
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They're jus whiners
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8 mo
It's unfair men can't get many jobs in the sex industry except for porn!
8 mo
To be honest I think woman have more rights cos the law is always on their favour and a woman can easily yell rape even if nothing happened and get anyone she wants locked up, we don't have that privaledge
What exact male privaledges do we have that woman dont?
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