Am I entitled to holiday pay?

I work retail in a small shop in the UK. I've worked in this shop for almost 3 years now, it is a family run shop (not my family, I'm just an employee) to this day I have not had 1 day of holiday pay. I've tried talking to my bosses about this many times and everytime I bring up holiday pay they magicly have something they have to do and leave or a phone they have to make that minute and the conversation never happens and they never look to impressed that I brought it up.

I don't get any sick pay if I am off unwell, this has been the whole time I've been employed and to be completely honest it never crossed my mind, until a few months ago I got the dreaded covid and i was off sick for nearly 2 weeks. No pay, no sick pay, no furlow, no holiday so them two weeks off crippled my finances as what little savings I had, had to go on bills and pay for food while I was sick. When I went back I didn't say anything because it was to close to Christmas and I didn't want to risk upsetting my bosses and losing my job before Christmas. (they can be abit unpredictable sometimes)

I want to have a conversation with my bosses about, Holiday pay, sick pay the who shabang! But I want to know where I stand and if I am even entitled to these.

I've tried googling this and I'm still unsure where I stand in UK law.

I hope somebody can help
Thank you in advance
Am I entitled to holiday pay?
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