How do I figure out for sure if my male coworker likes me?

I have been trying to guess for a long time whether a male colleague likes me. It seems like he gives me a bunch of signs, but I know the whole work thing adds complexity. So, I am sure he is being careful too. What is a sure sign that guys would safely show to a female coworker to display interest? He has wanted to go to lunch together - he asks or I ask. He also always is happy to see me. Sometimes he doesn't see me for days & then is super friendly. I have seen him before checking me out...but then he sometimes just says hello or what's happenin' ! He also remembers everything I've ever told him and will say he is lucky when he sits next to me at a group lunch. He is very confusing though since I cannot say for sure whether I am a friend or more...since he sometimes delays responses to me. He tells me he is not good with email and wishes I would call or text him instead. How do I figure out what he thinks of me if he doesn't make a move?


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  • If he is trying to privatize communication or a great deal of activities.

    Basically trying to get you offline and off the work communication and office settings.

    Its a way to make things safe for you and for him.

    But I wouldn't be dipping my pen in the company ink. Makes things way too complicated and can seriously jeopardize a career rather quickly.


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