I want to date somebody who everybody thinks I already am?

Try and condense this here. Check out my question named 'Wanting to date my new friend' for all the backstory.

Now following all that, I even went over to her house and watched a movie with her. Met her parents who told me I should go out on the lake with them when they all rent a boat some time etc... They seemed nice, and her mom definitely gave off that whole 'Oh you're a nice boy, you kids have fun' vibe. So that was interesting.

A week ago I tell Linda that I backed off when we first met because she had a fresh breakup, but if she was dating again, I'd like to take her out. She blushed and told me I was sweet but she liked having me as a friend, so she'd think about it. We haven't talked much since then. Invited her to hang out but she was coy on her schedule and didn't text me or anything.

Today at work, a coworker comes up to me (after Linda has already walked by. I was busy helping somebody so we didn't speak). She says 'So I head something through the grapevine. I hear you and Linda are going out'.

'You heard that huh?'

'Yep, it's the big buzz around here right now. Everybody knows you guys are going out.'

'We're not. We're friends'.

'You're always hanging out and people here you making plans and you took a trip.'

'We're friends.'

'You like her though right?

'...She broke up a while ago and I'd like to date her but we're just friends right now, ok?'

So I still need to talk to Linda about spending time as friends, or how she's reacted over the past like 7 days with the whole 'I'd like to date her' thing.

I'm also wondering if I should bring up the buzz about us, or if she's heard it. I have just shy of two years on her so I don't think anybody's going to truly confide that stuff to her like they would me, but you never know. What if she has heard that everybody thinks we're dating and assumes that's my doing?


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  • Let her know


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