If you had to choose between these two candidates for a country`s president, Which one you prefer?

In the first option. This candidate was already the countrys president one term like 12 years ago, and after he finished his term he left the country to work in Europe. During his time in Europe he was accused of corruption that he received some money illegally. Here is his bio so you can understand more oif this case and political careeer and his biography.


The second option. The guy was accused when he was working at the World Bank of sexual harrasment and it is believed he can't set foot again at the World Bank premises. He says his case was dismissed and the accusations have no ground or base. This current candidate since working abroad for many many years, he really does not have a political career made in the country. or political experience until he returned to the country as he was appointed by our current President to be the countrys Economy Secretary.. He has PHD in Economy

Here is his bio so you can understand more of the case


These 2 men now are running for my country s Presidency second round in April. Both of them claimed that what they did are false and never happened and now the media and social media are bombarding with news to discredit one or the other one so the population wiill believe for real the story and vote for one more then the other.

Also anotehr news running at this moment are that the First option (Figueres) people claimmed he was sued by agression by his ex wife when then both were married many years ago. Citizens and the media (the ones who will not vote for him) believe it actually happened as there is proof.
A candidate that "alleged· fled the country for corruption, when he was no longer the countrys president
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A candidate that when working at the World Bank, was sued by 2 cases of sexual harrasment and for that he is forbidden to set foot at their offices
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But yesterday the former wife had to stepped out from her seclusion to defend her ex and made a video and it was viral saying that since last Sunday after the countrys presidential elections first round, she started to receive defamatory and hurtful mesages and she had read also messages about it, about her past relationship with the guy, saying he beated her and she said on this video that is absolutely not true, but many people in my country do not believe one ounce of what this lady
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said, they say she is just covering him up beause she is afraid. This lady is a respectful serious with a very good job.

Here is her bio. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josette_Altmann_Borb%C3%B3n

I mean this lady is not a Kardahsian wanting to be popular and draw the attention to her
If you had to choose between these two candidates for a country`s president, Which one you prefer?
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