Environmental damage beyond repair, is it too late to save our environment?

Is the government really doing a lot to save our plant, because it seems to me that our environment is being destroyed more quickly then you could ever image ( a rapid decrease in marine life noted in the Independent)and all our governments our concerned about making money to build up their own countries.


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  • It's the prisoner's delima.

    If America spends money on the environment but no one else does it won't make a difference and it will have been a waste. If we don't spend money but every one else does it'll still work because we're only one country. If no one spends money we're all f***ed but if we all spend money we can save it together.

    That's the point of view a lot of countries have (I just used America because that's where I live). They don't want to spend the money if no one else is going to and waste it all.

    I don't think it's beyond saving, and there have been huge steps taken to fix recycling and use of fossil fuels and such in the past decade. I think if we keep moving towards more fuel effecient cars and planes and boats, as well as fixing the way we treat trash and what we do for recycling and all that then we could start to improve things.

    Mother nature is also very good at healing herself. If we can really make an effort to stop making as big an impact as we have been then the earth can also help itself recover and regrow and heal.

    Everyone just needs to work together.

    • well we kinda caused most of this lol

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    • I think that might not be the best reason...America is the world's greatest energy consumer. So I don't think it's fair to say that they don't want to help because no one else is. We're the ones that created many of the environmental problems in the first place...

    • I think we wnat to help, and we're trying. But I think we're afraid to invest too much money and be the only ones trying and have all that money wasted.

      My international relations professor had a whole class about the prisoner's delima and all it's different applications. This was the one that brought up the most controversy.

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  • Not really. Mankind is a long term nuisance, but the environment has survived far worse than us, multiple times in the past. Cometary impacts, supervolcano eruptions, extinction level events, ice ages, etc... etc...

    It's far more likely we'll wipe ourselves out, and in something like 50,000 years, the biosphere will be fine, if very very different to today.

  • If you already forgotten we HUMANS are also part of this "Environment".

    We build,hunt and do whatever it takes to grow and survive as a whole. The more of us there are the more damage will be done to ensure we make it on top. And it would be no different if cats or dogs evolved before we did. Its life and this planet has gone through much worse before we were around. Are you going to cry about nature and say we should move the planet to save the trees from a solar flare?

    Life is life. Nothing last forever, that includes the entire planet.

    • Before we were around there were far less people and less requirements for technology. Before we were around there were no cars, no grand industrial factories and aeroplanes. The demand for unnecessary products is raping the earth of it's natural resources - mans only focus is the profits he would gain from the mass production of products he produces. His gain is our loss. I care for the future of those to come.

    • before we were around there was NO life. Volcanic smoke clouding the skies and no air to breathe. There was also freezing snow and ice that killed off most life. And also a giant rock that feel from the sky and killed most of the life on this planet. The planet is a planet, A rock in space. it dosn't matter how much you recycle and plant trees. Something will kill us all and the word will start over again for the 4th+ time.

  • The environment is fine.

  • yes we are f***ed, the coral reefs will be cone in 20 years and also shell fish probably won't do so well with the increasing acidity of our oceans and yadayadayada were f***ed

    • Thanks for the sensible answer.

    • youre welcome the scary thing is the clear cutting of the jungle it doesn't grow back it turns into like a dessert almost its really sad

    • The Amazon rainforest is a perfect example. Another thing that is really frightening is that you have more sea than earth so when the ice caps are melting it turns into water increasing sea levels.

  • No one is willing to do anything substantial about it, or they deny it's happening. So... party like it's 1999.

  • Hell yeah frogs, bees, and fish are vanishing and with fish vanishing Pelicans are starting to eat small birds, cats, and little dogs that is not cool come on dogs!

    • Pelicans are eating cats and small dogs? Are they?

    • Yes my friends brothers dog got ate by pelican and on YouTube a pelican was close to eat a cat by the cat got away!

    • Something new to me, so because their food chain has been disrupted they are finding other means of survival.

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  • I'd like to think it isn't too late. I think the key is influencing the younger generation in schools. If they get involved, they'll get their parents involved and they'll influence their peers and future children. If everyone changed one thing (recycled, turned off the water/lights when not using them, switched to a better light bulb, etc.), imagine how much better of a situation we would be in!

    • I'm doing all that but I feel as though its only a handful of people doing it too.