Do you support a gay marriage ban?


Ted Cruz says Supreme Court was ‘clearly wrong’ with 2015 same-sex marriage ruling

Do you support a gay marriage ban?

Sen. Ted Cruz said the Supreme Court was off base in 2015 for its ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage and believes it should be reconsidered.

"I think that decision was clearly wrong when it was decided," Cruz said on his podcast published Sunday, Verdict With Ted Cruz. "It was the court overreaching.

"Obergefell, like Roe v. Wade, ignored two centuries of our nation’s history. Marriage was always an issue that was left to the states. We saw states before Obergefell, some states were moving to allow gay marriage, other states were moving to allow civil partnerships. There were different standards that the states were adopting."


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Do you support a gay marriage ban?
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