Does the older generation look down upon the younger generation?

I sometimes get the feeling that they do. When I say older, I tallk about those 50+. I know not everyone over 50 is like this but of all the age groups I've dealt with, it's the older generation that looks down upon people my age or younger.

They feel that we've somehow ruined society (yet blame Congress for everything, when the median age is 48) and some seem to have a chip on their shoulder when it comes to jobs.

I work with this one co-worker who seems to have it "out" for younger workers. She was recently hired this year and this is really her first job, but I get a sense that because people who are much younger than her have more experience than her that she gets jealous. She's passive aggressive to these younger folks.

They also tend to be set in their ways, always complaining about technology or why they have to use a credit card. I swear, honestly, an older customer used a credit card by herself and when the transaction went through she said "I did it" and a tear rolled down her cheek. I SWEAR!

I guess because they are so set in their ways that anytime change is made, they immediately lambaste it. We are all going to be replaced by someone younger and fresher...I understand that. But don't take it out on me!
Does the older generation look down upon the younger generation?
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