What is your favorite wild animal and why?

The question says it all.

Mine are Cheetah and Wolf.

Cheetah's because they are fierce and deadly yet vulnerable. They need protection.

Wolves because they are stealth, highly adaptable, loyal and affectionate .

Would you please rate! Thank you:)
Who is going around down voting? ughh!


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  • When I was younger I had this huge fascination with big cats especially Cheetahs. I mostly like Wolfs, big bears like the Polar bear, oh and Elephants. I think out of all of them though I really like elephants simply because they are almost like humans. Did you know that they will go back to a grave site of a dead relative and touch/sniff their bones? They're so cute/intelligent!

    • Yes you have heard that before . They are highly loving and intelligent

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