Has anyone ever used Match.com?

Has anyone had any success from the program?

Another member here suggested that I check it out.

I have and I am not very convinced it will actually work.

So tell me about your experiences or maybe your friends experiences!

If online dating sites claim as many people get together and married from online dating sites, then it would stand to reason logically, that many people on here would know a bit about match.com

Also comment if you know about other online dating sites. Please state the site so I know which you are talking about!
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So far, the program has just matched me with the prettiest girls. I can send a "wink" to show my interest and added some people as favorites. It has quickly gone from the prettiest girls in the age range that I desire with the qualities I desire...to older woman who are not as pretty without the qualities I desire.

So it has daily matches for me. But the matches just go from great mutual match...to a less and less mutual match.
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I just joined the plenty of fish site as well.

For this one, since it was cheaper I went ahead and bought a 11 dollars a month membership!

Mostly because it has an option to tell you who the most desired person of the opposite gender is who replies to messages.

Apparently many people to not reply to messages?

Anywho. I paid for the membership. And honestly, the most desired girls were 95% ugly. I mean like at least 5 years older then me, and have kids and are not in any reasonable shape.
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Ok. You can make a profile and put pictures up. Then you can also take quizzes and show your interests. This way, you can make choices based on similar interests and compatibility.

So then, I contact a girl that I think is both cute, and we have common interests and compatibility.

Then these girls do not reply to messages, or show shared interest with what the websites offers for free.

So basically, this is just another way to reject guys even when you are compatible.
Has anyone ever used Match.com?
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