Should you judge a book by its cover? (Balls= unfair weakness)

After what I witnessed this past weekend I'll say no. I went with my girlfriend to watch her younger sister (15) in a karate tournament. She is a red belt so she's pretty skilled but not like an expert yet. She's a very pretty little girl, only about 5'1 110 lbs. She is definitely a girl girl like her sister, started wearing makeup, manicures and pedicures ever 2 weeks, bracelets, rings, toe rings all the accessories ha ha. Matter of fact both girls got there nails done the day of the tournament (bright red to match her belt). She still had the cotton in between her toes when she first got there and her match was starting in a few minutes and when we saw her opponent I thought she was done. He had to have 100 lbs on her and was very cocky. We could hear him saying to other guys about how no little girl with pretty pedicured toes will even be able to get one shot in. The rules were anything goes but guys were supposed to wear cups and like an idiot he as it turns out didn't. He started off with a kick to her stomach and she was in pain keeled over while he was acting all cocky for a min and I was asking her if she should just throw in the towel she said no and all of the sudden she ducked his next punch and punched him in the throat and then as hard as she could took 2 steps forward and punted him right under this ball sack and I could tell by the surprised look on her face and deeply painful look on his right after that he wasn't wearing a cup. After 3 sec. of being frozen he grabbed his balls and fell down and started balling his eyes out saying "she crushed my balls" over and over. There are always first aid people there just in case of injuries and the first aid lady after checking him out said she kicked him so hard and on target she kicked them back into his stomach so he had to go to the hospital to have em pulled back down and found out later luckily for him they weren't ruptured so extremely swollen and bruised. To add insult to injury she was talking trash to him while he was down one quote "looks like these pretty pedicured feet just ruptured your little balls". She told me after she knew she got em good because she could feel both his balls on the top of her foot and toes and they weren't there anymore. I didn't know until she told me after that twice a week she used to stay after her karate class with her hot female karate instructor to solely practice different ways to kick guys in the balls with perfect accuracy. The instructor heavily emphasized kicks to the balls saying it's the great equalizer between men and women. After this I'm glad I get along well with my girlfriends sister but she always is either barefoot or just wearing flip flops so at least if I ever get kicked by her it'll only be barefoot. I definitely learned not to judge a book by it's cover because never did I think her little sized 5.5 pedicured feet could be so dangerous.
Should you judge a book by its cover? (Balls= unfair weakness)
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