Is she awkward now because she likes me?

A coworker that I kissed 2 months ago, we flirted but it seems like we keep misunderstanding each other. Before you ask, I did ask her out, she said she would think about it that she wanted to at one time but talked herself out of it. She was using the dating in the office as a one of her main reasons, bu that didn't stop her from asking if she could stay over a few weeks before that (at the time I told her no because of the office gossips that would have seen us leave together. Anyways, I don't think she is every going to come around so I asked another girl out and am moving on. That being said, this is the last interaction, what is going on with her and how do I handle it?

- when she sees me she waves even when I don't see her, but always looks down after

- we chat and I can sometimes make her blush

- she gave me her hand to look at her paper cut (from the day before)

- if I get flirty in instant message or email she stops

- I asked her lunch group for a recommendation and she gave me one very fast and look down.

At a charity yesterday:

- she teased me in a fun way

- if I saw her face she looked away bored, if she walked by she would play with her hair

- if she was with her friends she would turn her back to me and flip her hair, while her friends wod look at me

- at lunch if I said something to anyone she was listening.

- she sat next to me when there was a seat next to the guy I thought she was seeing.

- she did talk to that guy for 30 seconds but both looked at me the whole time.

- she did glance at him 2 times as he was across from us from the waist up.

- she accidently touched my leg when she was waving her hands, then put them in her lap and stared at where she touched me.

- her friend asked me who I was going on vacation with (I never talk to this girl)

-her girlfriend ds and the other guy went out after the charity, no invitation was extended to me

Is she awkward now because she likes me?
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