Is "jerk"/"a**hole" the new label for guys who are successful with females?

My personal definition of "successful with women" is simple:

-> NOT complaining about lack of female attention, as well as NOT complaining about female social interaction

I don't know about you...but I genuinely feel that the word "jerk" and "a**hole" are thrown upon guys who are successful with girls, by guy who aren't successful with females.

There are some people that I know that are overall good dudes (nobody is perfect), yet I have seen people hate on them saying that "he's such a d*ck", or "he must be an a**hole", when frankly they're just being sociable and humorous, and making their mark at whatever event they're at.

And yes...these guys are the ones at the corner of the party, or at an isolated area of any social region, that are saying these things. Smh.

My fellow males...stop the hate out of jealousy towards our own kind.

Instead of being bitter, observe and learn...and improve.


So please vote and share your thoughts, please. Do you think that "jerk", "a**hole", and any synonym thereof, is being overused from their original terms to mean:

"guy that is not timid, scared, intimidated, or deifying, of the female gender" ?


Thanks for your input, everyone. :)
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Thanks for your input, everyone. :)
Is "jerk"/"a**hole" the new label for guys who are successful with females?
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