How do I make my snake happy? :(

No this is not an innuendo, I actually do have a snake, a boa named Mr. Buttons and he seems a bit suicidal, sometimes he sticks his head in the water bowl for long periods of time, he tries to slither off of tall places or my bed into his doom. I clean his cage constantly and feed him but he just looks sad to me :(

I even handle him whenever I can. He always tries to knock the lid off or crawl away.

I would not mind setting him free but since he was bred in a well kept human environment I doubt he would survive out in the wild.

I have had him for 4 years now.
+1 y
He also pulls escape acts constantly.
+1 y
Thanks for your advice :) I do love him and I want him to be super happy, maybe one day I'll get him a snake girl friend or something, but I don't know how he would react to another snake, I'll consult the vet first.
How do I make my snake happy? :(
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