Why are some guys so cheap?

It has recently came to my attention that the guy I like is very cheap. Like he is in his mid-20's and doesn't even own any furniture, just a mattress. And he lives alone, which makes not having furniture all the more weird. This is a huge turn off to me. I don't mind a guy who is good at saving money, but a guy who doesn't even spend money on things he clearly needs is a bad deal.

Have you ever seen the episode of The Office where Michael is talking about bringing a girl home, but he is worried because he sleeps on a futon? I feel like that.


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  • I think if he really 'needed' that furniture he would have got it.

    You're the one who seems to want it even though you don't live there.

    Furniture is NOT a cheap item to buy, by the way. I would even understand that he doesn't want to spend about 200-400$ just to throw some money away (considering he lives fine the way it is now.)

    Otherwise, refer to Zombiefood's answer, her answer is clearer and better.

    • I have furniture at my house. I bought it, so I know how much furniture costs.

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    • Great! It's dispensible and unnecessary unless you truly have a lot of spare money. a LOT of spare money.

    • I don't really have a lot of spare money...I guess I just have different priorities.

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  • Some of my mates will probably be like that in a few years, it annoys me that they're so shabby. Is it just furniture he neglects because he may just not prioritize that stuff or does he try not to spend money on anything, if so there's nothing really you can do unless you have been going out with him for a while and then you could try talk.

    Some guys are just raised to be cheap; they might have money pinching parents and feel the need to make sure money isn't wasted although the money they save is usually spent on stuff which totally irrelevant - it's one of those common male defects!

  • If your ideals conflict with his then he is probably turned off by you as well.

  • He might have better things to spend or save his money towards.

    You could have bought him cheap furniture with your money if you really had so much of an issue with it and he would have been grateful for it but you chose not to so why is that?


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  • Did you ask him why? He might be just barely able to afford the apartment so he's getting his furniture one step at a time. Or he just moved and that's all he's been able to bring over so far. Or he was living with a room mate and all the furniture was his roomie's so it left with him. If you think it's gross or stupid or whatever then talk to him about what's going on in a polite, caring way. If you really can't stand it then leave. He doesn't need someone he really cares about just judging him and criticizing him in their head 24/7.

    • I have not asked him why. It seemed rude to ask since I am not his girlfriend or anything. However, I know that he just moved, but all of his stuff is already moved in...that's all that there is. And yes, he had a roommate, but before that he lived by himself for a few years and his friends said that he didn't have furniture then either.

  • It's called zen.

  • Let me get this straight.

    "the guy I like": First off, does he like you back? You're really in no position to judge a guy who has no interest in you. Besides, if it's a huge turn off, just go find someone with furniture. At least from your post, it doesn't even sound like you're dating, and this makes you weirder.

    Also, I'm in my mid-20s, and I live with very little furniture (although admittedly more than what this guy has). It's not because I want to save money. My job requires that I move around every couple years for the next 5-10 years. Having a lot of nice furniture is a hassle, and really, a waste of money.

    "he lives alone" well, at least he makes enough to be able to support himself. IMHO, having roommates in your mid-to-late-20s is weirder. You should really be looking to settle down at this age.

    I have some friends who make 6-figure income in NYC. "your" guy sounds like he has similar lifestyle to these friends. Even though they make tons of money, all of their places basically have a mattress and a futon, just because they have no time to make their place look nice.

    Finally, I hope you live up to him - do you make at least as much as he does? When you're judging someone, at least make sure that you're qualified to judge them!

    • He flirts with me a lot, so it is safe to assume that he likes be back at least a little. Moving due to work isn't the case with this guy. I guess it is a possibility, but if he does have to move, his job pays for it, so it shouldn't be an issue. I also live alone and I know he makes at least what I make (probably at least $5-10 thousand more every year) and I have furniture. I also have other bills. Student loans. Other debts from college, etc.

    • I probably have more bills than the average person my age due to putting myself through high school and college and helping out my parents and my brother when they need it. It just seems like of immature to not have furniture and honestly, yes. He should be looking to settle down, but I would assume a real adult who is settled down (which he should be 4 years after college while working at the same job) would have furniture.

    • I think what you said kind of proves my point. He *can* afford to buy furniture, yet he doesn't. He probably has his own reasons for it. If you're at the flirting stage, and if something like this bothers you a lot, I think you should just drop him and find someone else. It'll save you both a lot of grief later.