Guys - Worst way you've been ****-blocked?

It happens to all of us. We approach a girl we like and then something happens that, more often than not, completely messes up our chances, and it's usually in the form of another person interrupting.

For me it would have to be last week when I was talking to this cute tourist girl at the pool, but her female friend - who she had only met for the first time about two hours ago - was less than pleased with my presence. If the friend was going somewhere for a minute she would ask the cute girl (while standing behind my back) "Will you be OK here?" and she was constantly talking over the top of me interrupting, and trying to get her to go to the pool to paddle her feet, away from me.

Eventually the friend convinced the guys in the group that they should pack up their things and move to the other side of the pool. They did. Friend 1, Me 0.

I would consider that the worst blocking because the annoying friend barely knew the cute girl any better than I did, and she was treating me like a total creep, even though I'm sure the guys that were with them had far less honorable intentions than I did.

So guys, tell me your experiences.
Guys - Worst way you've been ****-blocked?
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