Will this work out...

gf dumped me 33 days ago.

we had been fighting a lot the last few months. we got in a huge argument the night before about her job. I said some mean things which I immediately regretted. So I went over the next day and we talked.

She told me how much I hurt her with what I said and she had thought about breaking up before. I apologized and told her how sorry I was and how words could never fix my dumb thoughts. She kept saying how confused she was and didn't know if she wanted to stay together. I was crying really hard, which I don't do, haha, and she was crying too . she leaned forward and put her hand on my knee telling me she needed comforting too, just by touching me. she says we fight in cycles, which we do, and doesn't know how to stop it. she finally whispered she wanted to breakup. she also kept saying she wished she could go talk to her counselor. She asked me for a hug, but I couldn't. she asked if I wanted my things, but I could barely walk. she watched me as I left. as I left she said I can come over and to her again.?

the next week I talked to her friend at a party. I was heartbroken. she said she didn't like me. I told her how sorry I was and how I was working on things. she said to email girlfriend and tell her how bad I felt. so I sent her a cute email on the new rules for dating her. she replied with...

... I read your email and I feel that it was very genuine and that you are starting to realize some of the issues we had. I think it is great that you are talking to someone and learning more about yourself. I am not ready to talk yet I still need time to figure things out. I think its good that we are both working on ourselves apart. I don't know what will happen in the future, I can't make any promises. Being on your own will give you strength that you may not realize you have in you. I know you are hurting, because I am to. We can never break the negative cycle until we grow more as individuals


I sent her flowers for her bday the next week. her and her friend replied how happy she was to get them. that is the last I heard from her 3 weeks ago.

last week I sent her an apology email for trying to make her jealous during relationship. I told her she didn't have to reply, and she didn't.

yesterday would have been one year anniversary. so I sent her a huge bouquet. no response. I also think she is going to Vegas with her friends this weekend.

i started counseling, read relationship books, and am truly trying to turn myself around. I am trying to give her space, but let her know I am there. 3 times she has said we can talk again.

do I have a true chance with this girl?
+1 y
i still haven't heard from her after the anniversary flowers..
+1 y
she emailed that it did not feel right for us to get back together. she then said I should come get my stuff and we could talk. I sent her a long email, but I guess it is over.
Will this work out...
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