My friends tell me I should just "settle" for any girl?

Before anyone says anything I'm not bragging. I have a problem and I need advice.

I was having a discussion with my friends earlier about getting into relationships and they all agreed that I should just settle for anyone who likes me, even if I don't like them back. They said it's because most girls think I'm a player, even though I'm a really nice guy at heart but I can't really change who I am. I asked them why and they said I look like someone who could be on jersey shore (-.-) because I'm tall (6'4), tan, and lifted weights since I was 15 and I'm 19 now but I only lifted for sports because I was going to play college basketball or football but that didn't work so well.

I have morals, going to college, come from a really good family, and never actually had a girlfriend and they said I might as well try to just get someone "average" because most people are already in relationships and ill be old and left out eventually. What do I do? Should I just be with someone even if I don't like them as much as they like them? Will my feeling eventually change on how much I like them?

Idk what to do.
My friends tell me I should just "settle" for any girl?
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