Relationship Issues??

My Boyfriend and I have been having some problems. He's been dealing with a sick family member, and transitioning into university/college, and we're sort of in different places, I'm going into graduate school hopefully soon, and he's just started (we're only one year apart but he didn't get into the one he wanted so he tried for it again). Also it seems that ever since going to university he's been a bit of a jerk.

here are the problems we've always had:

1) He Usually finishes before I do, and that's totally fine but he always leaves me hanging, as if my pleasure isn't important.

2) He's overly cocky and likes to tell me what I can and can't do, and I'm the kind of girl that if I know I can do it I need the support behind me. Also sometimes if he says I can't it becomes a fight because he underestimates my abilities, and I usually prove him wrong then he gets distant.

here are some problems that happened recently:

1) Ever since he started school if I'm ever in the mood I have to always seduce him, and put more work into convincing him to have sex. This really bothers me because he should want to have sex with me, and not in a way where I have to make him want it.

2) He blew me off because "his father wanted him to stay home." but he didn't invite me to stay in, and I particularly asked if he wanted to see me because I want to be there for him in tough times but he just blew me off.

3) He's been kinda distant, he communicates less with me now, not sure why could be anything from workload, to busy with his friends.

4) He liked this girls picture, and I said I was uncomfortable with it but when I brought it up he just went for the kill and started acting defensive.

We've been dating for two years now, and I want to fix them problems.


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  • These aren't fixable problems. Your're just in different places too much, and on different wavelengths as people; the sooner your both face this, the easier it will be too end things in a peaceful and painless way.


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