How do you actually look for "The One"?

Im guilty of it as well but you always hear people give advice telling the heart broken or lonely depressed ones. To keep looking the one is out there, you just have to keep searching or(my favorite) "The right one will find you just give it time".


No one ever gives advice on how to actually look for that person. I mean yeah you can go on that date and this date, but everyone always seems amazing the first couple of dates. You're lucky if you find out in the first few dates if the person is crappy, but even then you've already invested at least a couple of weeks of your time into that person.

I mean my idea relationship is to be with a woman, that I can look to for guidance. Guidance meaning when I'm indecisive she can give me a better view of things. Someone who makes it so easy to be loyal too(not to be confused with being whipped). A woman I can trust without a doubt in my mind. Someone that I can look to and do nothing but smile because she has chosen me to be hers. Someone that I can look to and want nothing more but to do anything and everything to assure her happiness. Someone I can look to and feel stronger or better even in rough times knowing that she is by my side. Someone who is my equal, my love, my happiness, and my life.

I know I'll never find a woman like that. I've already made my peace with someday having to settle. that's just the world we live in.

I mean I've gone on a lot of dates in the past few months and only few have made it to the one month point. Even looking back on those girls I knew it wouldn't have worked. I knew a relationship with either of those girls wouldn't have lasted.

I use to think maybe its the way I'm going about it because most of the girls I date I've met at a bar or worked with. Then the rest were setup through friends, and that's when it kind of hit.

How the f*** do you look for the one?

Me personally I've given up on the idea of relationships I'm not as lucky as some of you will be. I usually get the same line when a girl breaks things off with me "we don't see each other enough". You see I'm a bit of a workaholic, I plan on becoming department director with my company. After that I plan on having my own businesses. My theory is to put in all the hard work now while I have the energy to work the long hours and in fifteen or twenty years it'll be smooth sailing. A relationship will only delay things.

So what's your idea or advice on how to search for the one?
How do you actually look for "The One"?
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