What questions should I ask to get to know a girl better?

Like just some questions to get a girl to know that I want to get to know her.Just trying to show her I care and then make her my girl.


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  • There really is no point in talking to girls they don't care about personality they only really care about looks.

    • I care a hell of a lot more about personality than looks. If I can't stand him why the hell would I go out with him? I'd rather date a guy with a mind that I can hold a conversation with and that can take a joke than a brain-dead guy with looks, who's a player. Personality always comes before looks, but that is not to say I don't have my prefrences, haha

    • Girls always say that but I am a nice guy I am just shy and I have never even had a girl show an interest in me.

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  • You can ask her what she likes doing in her spare time, or you can stick to the basics like favorites and dislikes. But those would only be asked within the first couple of conversations, after that and you get to know each other better, you can ask more personal questions.


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  • dont delve into her personal life, and don't get really deep all in getting to know her, just ask simple questions, like "whats the craziest thing youve ever done" or "what would you do if... and then ask something based off that"

    getting to know her personally is for the dates, and all that good stuff

    remember, girls are a great thing, but if they feel pressured or scared, they run, and god knows we don't want that, haha