Greek at AU? Help Please

1.what are the sororities and frats at AU known for?

2.How important is greek life at AU?

3.And if you are greek or have many greek friends which ones? frats at AU have sweethearts or frat-sisters?

5.any details such as kindness, party style, diversity, looks, ect.

6.I like partying, I don't really want to be in a prude group or whorish, I like artistic stuff, I'm not very southern, and I'm black (but I don't really want to be in an Black Sorority) any suggestions?

Oh sorry Auburn :(


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  • AU? Auburn?

    1. Greek life in the south is usually a big deal. Of course, at a state school it is VERY much possible for you to not go Greek and have a great social life. But if going Greek is something you're interested in, go for it.

    There's different stereotypes but non of the PNMs can afford to stereotype and think they'll shun or only accept a bid from a particular house.

    Greek life and recruitment at Auburn or any SEC/Southern school is HUGE.

    4.I don't think it should matter if they have sweethearts or not...Usually the girls who are sweethearts are the ones dating a Fraternity council member or a Greek girl whose Fraternity boyfriend bought her a lavalier

    5. Get in shape, groom your eye brows and any facial hair. Know how to apply makeup that enhances your appearance in a natural way

    As nasty and inappropriate as it may sound, Greek life at Auburn & Alabama are moreso on the "Strictly white"'s just the social construction. The alumnae want it to remain that way, the fraternity men rather be paired up with a Caucasian girl...I'd still encourage you to go through recruitment, but also know that plenty of white girls will also be cut so you can't blame race, but it could very well be a factor.




    I'd still encourage you to try and begin finding sorority alumnae who can write you a letter of recommendation for EACH house. You'll need 1-2 per house.

    Make sure that you keep your GPA up. Clean up your FB, change the settings so that they can look you up.

    If this isn't the school you're talking about, sorry lol

    • Ok, well as an African-American, you're going to need to go the extra mile.

      Make sure to like them on FB & follow them on twitter link

      Get 1-2 letters of recommendation written by alumnae for each house on campus

      Make sure that you're involved in school and a GPA of at least 3.0 but preferably 3.5+

      If possible, do some community service if you haven't already

    • Nice guess Peggy

    • why thank you :)

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  • They are known for trying to make you embarrassed in front of other cliches and people in groups that already know each other. You will have to wear clothes funny and eat stuff, and make an ass out of yourself. Filthy stuff. Drunkenness. Smoking. Swearing. Staying up all night. Drugs. Sex. Well, you're in for it. I think sororities aren't black people.

    • Too bad there is no option for worst answer :P

    • Hahah Thanks artfullyliving, caution is good. 7gnat that's hilarious!

  • There are 51 different fraternities and sororities at AU (Arizona University) and I'd go with Chi Omega or Alpha Chi Omega because they are the HOTTEST girls on campus.

    • Thank you! But I meant Auburn, but thanks so much for answering

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    • Well better hope she gets Chi O till I die Yo! LOL my girlfriend was in Chi Omega.

    • But recruitment at Auburn is extremely competitive. PNMs (especially if they're not white) don't get to decide where they go

      And one Chi O chapter at one school is different from other Chi O chapters

  • Au? Arizona State, Auburn? Are we psychic?

    • aw man, I didn't think of those universities. I literally just wasted my time talking about Auburn now

    • Lol could be Alaska, Alaska St, Arizona, Arizona St, Auburn or many others. I love how QA's assume we know what they are saying.

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  • 1. don't remember

    2. not really important at any school besides ole piss

    3. not in touch with many that were most people that were left within a year for various reasons..not to say they are bad but a lot of them just got tired of 'house' life and wanted to have their own place.

    4. pretty sure they have that

    5. all depends on the individual house & you. its kinda racially not diverse

    6. go visit them and see for yourself is the best way to find out.

    ps what is their mascot this week? the plainstigereagle?