Does he like me or just teasing?

There's this boy in my year who always tease me and I'm just wondering if he's doing it to hint that he likes me? He's been teasing me for 3 weeks now and he tease me whenever he just sees me.

This week in pe we did social dancing and the girls had to go round the boys and I was dancing with the boy beside him and he saw me and went "ohhh just one more dancee:3" and I was like like "nooo!"and he had a grin on his face.. When I had to dance with him I held his hand and we were dancing and he was quite then I went "stop teasing me it's not funny!" and he started laughing and I just went to him "it's not funny!" and he started laughing again and he just went " ha ha okay promise I'll stop" and then before I moved on to another person I grabbed on his Hand and pulled him closer and went "u better stop!" and he was surprised I grabbed his hand.

After pe we had maths and when I was going out my class I was talking and laughing with my friend and I saw him coming down from the stairs and I just ignored him and then when he got down from the stairs he called out my name and just started teasing me again, and I called out his name and went you promised!:o and he had a big grin when he was walking away, then one of my friends went to me.

Then yesterday I was outside my class I was holding in to my friend her class was upstairs and then he passed by and he just called out my name and I was went sherruuuup and said his name and he was grinning, then when he was going up the stairs he just kept staring at me but I didn't stare back at him. And When we were sitting in the hall and he was sitting in the left side and I was sitting at the right side and we were in the same row and he saw me and he started smiling at me and he starting calling out my name and I

couldn't really hear him.. And then I was like what? And he started doing hand gestures and I knew he was teasing me again! So I just gave him "the face" and he laughed..

Sometimes when I pass him he stares at me and I could see it but I pretend that I can't see him. My friend thinks he's flirting with me and he maybe likes me? But I'd never think he'd ever like someone like me since he's one of the popular guys. My friend is in the same English class as him and I asked what he's like in class and she said he's okay but he annoys the girl beside her and I was like exactly he's not flirting with me? And she went no he annoys her intentionally, he does yours differently he flirts when it's you but he doesn't do that to her.

So what do you guys think? Does he like me or just trying to annoy me?


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  • he definitely likes you , he's afraid to confess I guess ,

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