Is he just playing me?

Let me start this post by saying that I'm really sorry for the length of it, but I am more then confused about this situation so I want to give as many details as possible. Please bare with me :)

Ok so there is this guy that is in a partner student committee to my committee- so basically I've heard of him but never really met him. About 3 weeks ago we've met in person, and 2 weeks ago he came to my birthday party- and that's were things started to heat up, we really clicked, we spent the whole night together and since he lives outside the city I offered him my couch for the night. About 3-4 days later he came to my house as I was bored and wanted a little company- this time we spent the night in the same bed, but I told him from the beginning that nothing is going to happen as I'm not looking for a one night stand, and he was OK with that. Of course, things did happen but we stopped when we were about to cross the line. We spent the rest of the night talking, laying in bed, watching movies...we really talked about everything, past relationships too and I really liked him more and more with everything he said. Now, as I am in a place in my life where I'm actually looking for a relationship, the fact that he was making plans for us (we were supposed to go to a charity gala together, he wanted to pick me up from the airport after the holidays and spend his birthday with me, he even talked about sharing a room in a trip we're taking by the end of January) kind of reassured me- somehow the fact that he was even willing to consider us in the future being a possibility really made my heart beat a little faster. So then we had our finals, and we didn't see each other but we were constantly texting, about stupid stuff, just to know what is going on in the other person's life and head.

OK lets fast forward this story: we are at the gala, we came separately as planned, and I was looking forward to this night as I wanted to know how he is going to be around me in front of his friends. So when almost every friend of his came up to me and said "oh you're the girl he's been talking about" I said to myself its gonna be a magical night. You can imagine my surprise when throughout the whole gala we talked not more than 15 minutes and the end of the night, he kissed another girl! Worst part, he did it right in front of me! When we were leaving, my friend told me he was actually looking right at me when he was passing by, hand in hand, with the other girl. Since then, no news.

I'm probably over thinking this and he is just a douche bag, but still I want to have some thoughts on this twisted situation: has it ever happened to you? What was your reaction? Boys, any bright ideas on what is going on in that guy's head?
Is he just playing me?
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