Why would a guy do this?

Some of the things he did: (keep in mind that he seems a bit cold like not really interacting with me)

-we sat in class he was behind me) and he stretched his feet and put them on the heels of my feet for 5 seconds..it seemed long

-he asked me to touch his hair to feel how soft it is 0.o but I didn't because I had to go

-I rarely talk to him

-sometimes I see him staring at my legs

-I feel like he looks at me when I am looking at something else (it's so annoying!)

-but when I look at him, he seems to avoid eye-contact or he looks to the side a bit--not directly at me

He talks to other girls and laughs and what not, but we don't really talk

-his sister keeps telling me he has a six pack? I don't know why. She also told me to dance with him (we had a dance) I didn't dance with him, since he had to leave early for something

-I smile at him and try to make eye-contact but he looks at me then quickly looks somewhere else..which is weird

we are both quite athletic but he doesn't know much about me (or at least he hasn't gotten to know me through personal conversation)

-I do kickboxing (umm yea people are usually shocked because they get the "vibe" that I am sweet/innocent and too thin haha...I also do archery)

-he said that he wants to marry a girl who does boxing...?! and this was after I said that I do kickboxing so yea...that was interesting lol

he seems smart and he is funny so I have started to kind of crush on him, but we barely talk and I don't know how to react to anything he does lol like when he touched my feet with his, I didn't do anything but yeah can someone explain why he does this? I need a perspective from someone other than the people I know

thank you so much <3

I am a junior and he is a sophomore. (he also said he was a senior as a joke...idk why)

i have no idea if he likes me...?
Why would a guy do this?
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