Girls, I Need Help Translating Female Into English

There's this girl I really like and based on social psychological theory and gender roles, I think she likes me. However, social psychology and female verbal language is still in its infancy, so I need a little help translating the dialogue into English:

She and I are really close. We have one class (behavior disorders) together, we're working on a group project together, we sit next to each other every class and we usually spend about 45 minites after each class hanging out before she heads home (she's a commuter and I'm a resident at my university). We're close friends.

Recently, we've started talking about deeper, more personal things and shared more laughs. Yesterday, we talked on the phone for over an hour, sharing, laughs, talking about relationships and the complications of love and we're going to a Yankee game Friday plus we might go to a conference at the New York psychoanalytic society and institute on Saturday, too.

When she needed to get off the phone, she ended up getting lost in her conversation with me for 15 more minutes. Later, I texted her telling her I couldn't sleep and it was really weird, because I was up at the crack of dawn that morning to take the psychology subject GRE. She said she didn't know (with a ':D') at the end. Then I said, '...and the subtext translation is?.' She responded with 'There is one but I'm not gonna disclose it. Glad you picked up on that thow :).'

What am I looking at here? Thanks in advance.
Girls, I Need Help Translating Female Into English
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