Is it weird that my boyfriend likes other girls profile pictures and comments on them on Facebook?

My boyfriend and I have been dating since August and I recently just happened to be looking at this girls profile (she's my neighbor) and I knew that my boyfriend and she were friends on fb, but I happened to notice that he liked two of her profile pictures, which made me decide to go through other girls on Facebook that he's friends with and see if he liked their pics as well and he did. At first I realized OK liking a picture doesn't mean anything, but then I noticed that on one girls picture he commented "so pretty" and the same girl another picture he commented looking good. Another girl's picture that was clearly a girl in a sexy dress he commented "wow" . Now the problem that I have is that he has commented on a picture of mine before and also wrote "so pretty" , but I feel really bad now because back a while ago maybe 6 months ago when he did comment "so pretty" I was so happy when he said that he made me feel really special, but now that I realized he commented on some other girls picture with the same comment who is not his girlfriend it makes me kinda upset because originally I thought he was trying to make me feel good or trying hard to get me to like him even more. I know for a fact that he's not really a player and I don't see him cheating on me I don't think. Part of me though also feels like its a little creepy that he commented wow on a girls sexy picture because I don't even know if he knows her that well. Does he just like to flirt? and is it something that he's used to doing commenting on girls pictures. by the way I don't want to really question him about it though because he already knows that I look at his fb carefully because I once asked him about what happened with two deleted Facebook pictures and I don't want him to think I'm overly suspicious of him. Let me know what you think.

Also I just noticed its kinda weird and creepy in my opinion, but also on the same girl that he liked a couple of her pictures and the one that he commented so pretty, she just got into a new relationship a month ago, and he liked it and commented congrats. I feel like that's a little weird because to me it doesn't seem like they are that much of friends and the girl didn't comment back on it. It seems like maybe she thinks its weird he keeps commenting and liking her photos.


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  • He's just admiring their photos. Nothing to worry about.

    If you become too suspicious, it will kill your relationship, and you might regret jumping the gun.


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