Good idea to try and figure out what went wrong and what I should change next time?

after a failed relationship I decided to start writing down a list of all the things that went wrong or maybe I shouldn't of done , its pushing a page and a half now so I did a lot of things that didn't work out with this girl and paid the price . so I decided I wanted to determine what exact things I did that I shouldn't ever do with another girl if I want to actually have success .

is this a good idea or I'am I wasting my time ? I've accepted the fact relationship with this girl is over so its not about trying to get her back but about what to do differently in future encounters with girls


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  • i think it's a good idea to list things you may have done wrong or things to improve upon, but I also think you don't want to beat yourself down.

    be positive as well as critical of yourself. so maybe for every one thing you did wrong make sure you note something you did positive. maybe you'll start noticing trends (e.g. in certain circumstances you tend to make a mistake whereas other places you do quite well)

    you want to create a basis for improvement but it's hard to feel as though you can improve if it's sort of a bottomless pit of self improvement

    • the problem with this girl situation is that it seems like everything went wrong that could of , some of it was out of my control as other people said or did things but I did a lot myself I shouldn't of . I didn't do much right when trying to date this girl but I will keep in mind the positive things I did when trying to meet girls this summer cause some must of worked as I did meet a number of hotties this summer but failed to start the real relationship I wanted

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  • It's good to do it for yourself. I don't know anything about your relationship so I don't know if you should try to fix it. It would really depend on how much damage there is and if she's even interested.

    So yes I think it's a good thing to do for yourself and hopefully you won't make the same mistakes the next time.

    • its mostly just for myself and to try and come up with some ideas of things I need to do differently in the future , I was even surprised when I wrote all this stuff down how many things went wrong or that I shouldn't of done it was a lot with this girl , everything seemed to go wrong or could of been done differently

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    • Ok small town, that's tough, I've never had that. I just think it's important not to settle on one person without playing the field. Next time you don't have anyone to hang with pretend to get a text or phone call and go hang out with someone else, even if you just go home LOL.

    • I forgot to mention being a small town after some people saw us hanging together there was a rumor we were an issue but it was premature as we hadn't done anything yet , I guess that annoyed her too . it was tough at bars cause there isn't really anywhere else to go here than the places we were at , it wasn't like I could just walk across street to another club we were at the only club open that night , also a lot of female jealously that I liked her so much once others found out they were jeal

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