Can you get so cold you feel sick?

question says everything.


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  • Quote on hypothermia:


    Stage 1

    Body temperature drops by 1-2°C (1.8-3.6°F) below normal temperature (35-37°C or 95-98.6°F). Mild to strong shivering occurs.[1][2] The victim is unable to perform complex tasks with the hands; the hands become numb. Blood vessels in the outer extremities constrict, lessening heat loss to the outside air. Breathing becomes quick and shallow. Goose bumps form, raising body hair on end in an attempt to create an insulating layer of air around the body (which is of limited use in humans due to lack of sufficient hair, but useful in other species). Victim may feel sick to their stomach, and very tired.

    link End of quote

    __________________ (Google is your friend too, if you know what you're looking for and what to discard as irrelevant)

    • Wait, does that mean I have hypothermia? I mean, I am always so cold and tired and I have been feeling sick to my stomach for the past few days.

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    • NO!! Hypothermia has an external origin: like staying immobile in the cold when it 's freezing, falling in cold water. and not getting out in time. It's related to thermal shock too. Nothing to do with your condition. I'm not a doctor and if I were Icouldn't examin you over the net. No doctor can help on Internet. Speak about it with your G.P.

    • Conditions where you live would not induce hypothermia inside a building during the day unless you were naked all day long (which I'm sure is not the KY way of living :D):

      See a doctor.

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  • I do sometimes. If I'm really cold, I can't function at all and don't feel very well. It used to happen to me a lot in biology because my teacher was always hot, and she wouldn't let us put a wet paper towel on the thermastat. Not sure if that is what you mean.

    • Its ok... its just very cold in my school and many people have colds so its like germville in my school... -sighs- I just feel very faint and cold and my stomach hurts. not in hunger either, I just ate and blah.

    • Sounds like you are sick and it's just the chills. Maybe you have a fever? I know what you mean about germville. Once anyone gets sicks, everyone gets sick-twice.

    • A flu maybe.

  • yeah definitely. I live up north and in the winter, it can be really harsh if you don t' bundle up. sometimes I visit family in Edmonton and you can literally swim in the snow. lol it's fun, but very cold...^_^

  • yes.

    cold water. hypothermia.

    cold air. can make your lungs hurt.