Question:Why do the parents want me to get married?

I am a 28 Year old guy. My parents want me to find a girl and get married just like most other guys.

But they should keep in mind that I am not normal guy like others. I am not a complete man since I am very short in height, 5ft2, even an average girl is 5ft5. I am thin and skinny with small soft thin hands and feet, even an average girl is stronger than me and has stronger hands and feet. Plus I am very very hairy on my whole body ,just like a monkey. And am rapidly balding on head.

So, obviously, if you seriously think how can I marry? What girl would even bother to be in relationship with me and ruin her life?

Why can't my parents accept the harsh truth and let me live single and alone throughout my life? How to let them realize this?


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  • Don't bother listening to your parents. It's your life, not theirs.


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  • there are a lot of really short women in the world. a lot of guys are balding in there 30s.

    • Really short? How short? And won't we look odd , a very tiny couple and pass on vertically challenged genes further?

      Balding head with gorilla furry body isn't too appealing I think ,or is extremely sexy thing! :-p

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  • Dude, describing yourself isn't going to help you.

    There are quite a few women who aren't bigger than you are.

    You are balding ? Welcome to guys' world.

    You are hairy ? Welcome to guys' world.

    You parents want grandchildren, and don't see why you wouldn't find someone. So keep trying, you will find.

    • Not many are smaller than me. I rarely see many. Most tower over me and have big strong hands and feet. And I don't want to pass on my bad genes of short height, baldness and extreme hairiness.

  • They're not the boss of you.

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