How can I understand this situation? Destiny or coincidence? What should I do?

Six months ago, I dated an Indian girl. Our relationship seemed perfect, mutual, and we shared strong feelings for each other. However, after her trip back to India, I noticed a change in our relationship to the point where we broke up only weeks afterward. She said that she did not have any feelings for me, and that we had to go our separate ways. In her own words, she hinted that her cultural values was the reason for our break-up.

After that, we were still friends on Facebook; however, we did not communicate (this had lasted for two months).

One day, I decided to reconnect with her, because I was having many unusual signs: I ran into friends frequently, I ran into her, I found a personal item from her while I was cleaning my car. The most unusual and creepy thing was that one day I was with my parents for an outing, and we just happened to end up directly in front of her house. My parents did not have any knowledge that she lived there. I thought to myself, what were the odds that we all would end up in front of her house, which was difficult to find in the first-place.

Next, I told myself on that day that if there is a full moon, I would send her a message. That evening was a full moon, and I bite the bullet and texted her.

Afterwards, she responded, and this was the beginning our reconnection. After the phone calls, we decided to meet. These meetings where short, dry, dull, and not like before; however, her actions suggested otherwise, because she acted just like we were still dating. She would try to hold my hand and hug me frequently, and she expected the same in return.

So then, a few months later, she said that there were no feelings on her part still, and that we ought to move on with our lives. At this moment, she deleted me on Facebook and other social network sites.

Whenever we run into each other, she tries her 100% to avoid me. I recently created a dating website profile, and she was on there. She had visited my profile on several occasions, and then she blocked me on that site as well.

I am confused, because I keep having these interactions with her, and I get a sense that she in some way still wishes to be in a relationship with me. I knew that when she went back to India that her family put a lot of pressure on her to marry. I know that her parent's are traditional and prefer her to have an arranged marriage with another Indian. Perhaps this is all beyond the two of us, but what do all of these signs mean? Is this the universe or destiny trying to unite us? I have never had this happen to me.

Almost every single day, there is some form of her projecting itself in my life, which I go straight to square one wondering why this all is happening. What should I do? Are all these signs/interactions fate or simply coincidence?
How can I understand this situation? Destiny or coincidence? What should I do?
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