Finally saw Man of Steel, and it makes no sense.

Okay, I finally saw man of Steel from redbox, and it's utterly ridiculous. It makes no sense.

1. Superman's dad, at the beginning of the movie, went and ranted to their politicians about how they messed with the planet core and now everyone was doomed. Then, the "bad" guy busts in, kills a few people who were already going to die, and says, "hey, those guys doomed our planet, c'mon, let's pack up tons of people on our advanced spacecraft and high tale it out of here. We won't bring the morons with us." And Superman's dad is ticked "you only want to save some people? I'm going to fight hard to stop you, I only want my son to survive."

So... wasn't Zodd the hero, and superman's dad the genocidal maniac who only wanted his son to survive, instead of thousands of people?

2. Pa Kent died... to save the family dog. This is worse than Uncle Ben seeing a shoplifter who stole $20 from a register along with some beer, and then tackling him for his gun to stop him.

3. The surviving Kryptonians arrive on earth, figure out that the planet and sun make them tougher than Thor himself.

So why did they want to terraform it? Clark had survived 30 years or whatever just fine and was now invincible. Invincibility wasn't good enough for them? They wanted a wasteland or whatever?

How on earth did this movie not flop at the box office?


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  • You know what I was going to rent it last night too but now that I hear this lol I might not.


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  • I know right it is a mix of spiderman, Harry Potter and thor

    His birth parents are betrayed to save him they send him to Earth in a spaceship (HP reference)

    Then his parents die

    He grows up on Earth - adopted by a couple who can't have kids

    He causes accidents when he gets angry so they relocate to a farm

    Then as he grows up he goes into this cave

    Discover his real identity

    Evil spaceship find out who he is and then want him

    He falls in love with a reporter after he saves her

    To protect her and the world he hands himself over

    His adopted mother gets kidnapped

    He saves her

    In the end he kills the bad man who wants his blood since it contains others DNA he needs to create a army of clones you could say and saves the day

  • agreed. that movie sucked


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  • 1) the issue wasn't krypton, but what they had become. They were a society so constricted by what was good for the society rather than individual freedom. Having a natural child birth was jor-el's 'crime'. Freedom to live and choose includes the 'morons'. Jor-el warned the planet they were doomed, but the wouldn't listen.

    2) yes, clark could have saved his dad, but the whole point of what Jonathan wanted was for his kid's powers to be hidden. Yes, it is irrational, but so are most parents.

    3) they realize this, but for the most part cannot handle the new stimulus. That was the key issue. Superman had 30+ years to acclimate himself. The Kryptonians from the phantom zone had no such time.

    They wanted to terraform earth, because that's what they did on all the other planets they explored. As with most people, the status quo is as far as they think

    • So... superman's dad *wanted* everyone to get wiped out? Didn't the fact that Zodd realized their politicians had doomed them, and wanted to take fate into his own hands, mean he had mentally been liberated, like Jor-el, and would probably even had sex without protection? That he wanted to change things and make a better society? And doesn't that mean that Jor-el is indeed a genocidal maniac, who didn't want anyone to survive but his kid?

    • He didn't want everyone wiped out, he warned them that the end result would happen. He even "saved" their DNA in his sons body. He realized that a strictly planned society is ultimately doomed. Zod just wanted to pick up that same doomed society and move it elsewhere. Jor-el had no plan to revive krypton upon Earth, just wanted that information there for safe keeping.

  • I hate movies with logical fallicies like that. I saw the trailer and I never wanted to watch the movie.

    • I'm regretting I wasted my time on it. It makes no sense.