The privileged likely to suffer more from mental health

Because im bored and cannot sleep... Looking at the statistic below I draw the conclusion that privileged members of society tend to...

Why Does Feminism Seem to Matter to White Women The Most?

This is another post I originally intended to be just a question but the details got too long for it, so I decided to put it in a Take...

How South Korea ended coronavirus

These pictures of South Korea brought tears in my eyes. It's refreshing to see such peaceful locations amidst the chaos. It gives you...

Why do people feel the need to fat shame?

I’m not looking to argue whether fat-phobia is a thing. Because it is. But I just want to discuss components of it. I feel like fat...

Redefining our manhood and the defeat of Patriarchy

One of my favorite philosophers is Simone de Beauvior. I found out about her in my Women's Studies and Philosophy classes during...

The One That Got Away... Fear and Love

The irony is kind of funny. They say that the person who cares least in a relationship has the most power. So you have a society racing...

Do you think racism is still a prominent problem in our society?

This is for my human rights project because I need other opinions. But I’ve heard a lot of people say that racism and white privileged...

Should we leave race behind?

Skin color still seems so important to people. I understand the black community rallies behind it bc they’re constantly attacked by it....

Does Trump have something personally to gain from opening churches or is he listening to his evangelical flock who is whispering sweet nothings ? Trump’s Push To Open Churches Contradicts Jesus’...

Do you agree with abortion? No matter what situation yourin it’s life & that’s a human just like you, life can be ugly, beautifuland fullof mysteries?

I think it should be illegal this reminds me of when some innocent Jews were killed by Hitler. We should learn from mistakes in the...

Bernie Sanders is a capitalist who wants socialism for all, am I right?

It's funny how Bernie Sanders considers himself a "socialist" but does everything a capitalist does.

What should I do? I got attacked for being a Trump supporter?

I was walking along minding my own business when I got jump by 6 men with man buns. They wrapped skinny jeans around my neck, one of...

Iran is sending 5 tankers containing gasoline to Venezuela in exchange for Gold. Do you think that US will take action?

Iran is sending these 5 tankers to Venezuela to provide Maduro with gasoline, since Venezuela has gone into trouble with its refineries...

If you vote for Trump you are not black?

Wow he said that. What your thoughts on this?

What do you know about Turkey in general?

About it's history, people, culture etc.

Discussion: Are you Pro Choice or Pro Life?

Please let’s have a discussion about this. If you’re Pro Life, please explain how the woman would go about caring for her child if...

Are children of mixed origin parents overall disadvantaged in society compared to the conventional non-mixed breeds?

I know no other way to describe this situation (other than race mixing or saying "half-breeds"). Consider this - There are children of...

Are the necks of llamas proportionate to their body size?

Do you think that llamas have necks that are typically proportionate to their body size? Tell me what you think about the long necks...

If science could advance so far as to allow trans individuals to genetically create their own offspring, would you be open to dating them?

Hey peeps. This isn't meant to be offensive. I'm just genuinely curious since a lot of people I know say the reason they wouldn't date a...

Would you consider voting third party in 2020?

Between the diabolical lunacy of Operation Warp Speed under Trump and the utter incoherence of international criminal Joe Biden, it's...

Can this be considered racism?

Video shows a black nurse repeatedly punching old white patients in a nursing home:...

Why did America invade Iraq in 2003 in your opinion?

Why did America invade Iraq in 2003 in your opinion?

Do you feel misunderstood in society?

If yes, why? I'd like to hear everything you have to say.

Has Trump delivered a stronger US economy?

I think so, what a GREAT job he’s done, 🇺🇸is ready to bounce back once the CornaVirus has gone!