Do Not Tear Down Thomas Jefferson's Statue!

I am a Black Man and a Native American Man. A decedent of slaves and Sioux Ancestors who fought against the United States. I fully...

I Dont Hate Women. Why I Choose to be Controversial.

Over the past few months I have been considered a hater of women. An asshole. A misogynst. Many have seen my questions and articles...

The Concept Of Yin/Yang Amongst Zealots.

People of all persuasions are proficient are using the term “triggered” in mockery but after watching a video by Yuri Bezemenov (who was...

Intentionally Having Unplanned Babies is Breach of Contract

In America Today, girls and boys lose virginity at age 14. In doing so, they are just having fun. They're intentions are innocent. Yet,...
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MODERN feminism lets rephrase that AND the larger misconception of the term feminism.

MODERN Feminism makes so many dramatic claims about men being evil and what not. Yet when it comes down to it none of these feminist...

Hilarious photos which prove that Victorians were not as serious as we think For a minute, I forgot that I was looking at dead people. That realisation really moved me....

Why do people care more about a black criminal getting murdered by a cop than a black cop getting killed by rioters?

Sorry but Floyd was a criminal, not saying it was ok for him to die but were are the protest for David Dorn a black cop who was killed...

Are hospitals honest and safe anymore?

I mean... like, recently i discovered dark secrets regarding the things that goes down at hospitals, where the all doctors have a target...

At what point do you say enough is enough with this so-called game? Trump Shares Video That...

Well this is rather selfish?

And they wonder why the rest of the world looks to the west and shake their heads......

Did Covid19 affect you? How?

I hope you're well and you didn't get sick. Also do you personally know someone who caught it? This virus lockdown affected my job, my...

Did you know that Islam and Middle East had a golden age?

Between 9th and 13th century, islam and Middle East lived it's best era and golden age. There was dozens of important scientists and...

“The Black Lives Matter movement is helping grow a silent majority of Americans supporting President Donald Trump.” Your thoughts on this?

My guess? The majority are seeing the hysteria of looting, protesting, rioting, and pressure pandering and are fed up with it. Keep in...

What do you know about the French History?

I was wondering what foreigners know about the history of my country, whether it's a king, an emperor or something else, tell me what...

Trump fans, do you think Covid is a Liberal Hoax?

Do you still think it's a big left wing scam/hoax?

If you had to choose between patriarchy and matriarchy, which would you choose?

Which political system do you think would be better in the sense that it provides fairness to everyone? and why?

Should we declare war on Russia for placing hits on American Troops?

I see a lot of questions about war with China bc of Covid. But no cuckservatives care Russia has been financing the murder of American...

Does this passage from the Novel '1984' accurately describe the situation going on at the moment and is it a prediction of what's to come?

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building...

Is the Men's Rights Movement just as justified to exist as the Women's Rights Movement?

The MRM in particular consists of a variety of groups and individuals who focus on general social issues and specific government...

So again... Democrats are better at governing, right?

W Bush: 9/11 Obama: killed Bin Laden Trump:

CHAZ/CHOP now has a fourth shooting. Is Seattle the dumbest city in human history?

I am so glad I moved out of that stupid city. They are literally so stupid it causes me pain!