IQ disparity between Men and Women

This is definitely a hot button issue and can easily turn contentious. I think if there is actually a disparity it isn't that relevant,...

Generalizations: Are They Any Good?

Generalizations are an important way for people to understand the world they live in. Most generalizations are made with reason and...

Why I won't ever judge someone for aborting or keeping their baby

This is pretty spur of the moment since I just saw a very ignorant question about why abortion is legal but murder isn't. I ask you in...
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The DILEMMA of Pro Life vs Pro Choice.

Pro life while its morally right, seems so ignorant of what happens to the kid is out of the womb. And if the parents don't have the...

Why I don't Believe the Big-Bang, Ignorance or Something Else?

Many people will quickly laugh or scoff at this. I am just writing it because I was inspired by a question which asked "Why are...

The COVID-19 statistic Trump is hanging his hat on.

Background I was watching the Fox News interview with Chris Wallace and Donald Trump, when Trump said "I heard we had one of the lowest,...

Where do the jews come from?

2. How did they get enslaved? 3. What's the issue with them right nkw are they fightjng a war or something? 4. Are jews white people? 5....

Is capitalism evil?

Evil and cruel people can exploit capitalism, but I don't think the system is evil.

How old were you when 9/11 happened?

How old were you and where were you? How did you feel when you found out? I had just turned 3 on September 3rd and I was on vacation...

Why is it so important for some people to be liked over just being accepted or respected?

I've never seen so many grown people concerned over a crush or someone liking them back. Trying to be liked often causes people to alter...

What if this was the NRA president?

BLM leader barricaded in his apartment against NYPD who didn’t have a warrant. What if this was an NRA leader? Or Trump admin official?...

Do you think the real justice is in jail?

I mean that if a prisoner who committed raping will be rapped between prisoners because they look down each other's criminal forms too...

Can you believe there are people this stupid?

That they will vote for someone that said he’d raise your taxes, take away your gun rights, open our borders and “divert” money from...

Why are felons denied the right to own guns when the 8th article says all people own that right? Article 8: The government cannot take away...

Did you know that Dwight Howard is anti mask and anti vaccination?

Europe people ride bikes a lot?

So in Europe the people they ride bicycles a lot like they all know how to do it Should we encourage them to do it more and maybe not...

Do you agree with Trump that his image should become part of Mount Rushmore?

Wasn't it strange during the Dem primary, that out of nowhere, most of the candidates dropped out to support Biden?

Seemed pretty strange to me that out of nowhere, most of the candidates dropped out to endorse Biden, who did very poorly in the...

Do you think Megalodon is still alive?

Megalodon was a shark species that was even much bigger than the Great White that went extinct millions of years ago However, many...

Why doesn't President Trump just declare a State of Emergency , then he can side track Congress all together?

He could and probably should. This would stop the Anti American Democratic party that puts Rioters and illegal Aliens ahead of...

What do you think about 2020?

I love 2020.

Is spitting on the flag and kneeling and disrespecting the flag also disrespecting the men and women who died for protecting our Freedom?

Almost all my uncles fought in World War 2 , Korea, or Vietnam. Whether you agree with those wars or not, you should still respect what...

Should women have equal rights as men?

Specifically the right to be topless in public, where ever a man is allowed to do so.