The Republican party is the home of real feminists now.

Real feminists do exist in the moderate left and the majority of the Republican party. The quintessential feminist is someone who...

The true story of why imperial Japan was so brutal and jingoistic during WWII

Japan, a true Jewel of the pacific. An island nation whose inhabitants have mysterious origins. An island nation that is nearly devoid...

Your comfort or their lives!

I don't really know if someone else rise this before, I don't know how your country is handling the pandemic But I looked around a...

Prepare to cry and wish you were a better person. Sometimes in life we get so caught up in what would make our first world lives even more...

LaVena Johnson's story. *spoiler* It was a military coverup.

This story pisses me off and why I'll never join the Army, but let's get into it. LaVena and her family grew up in Missouri. She was...

Why I feel the term feminism has been ruined

I've grown up as what I thought was a feminist, I have been involved in volunteering with young women, working on their skills...

What kinds of messages do you send to anyone that ghosts you?

I always joke of a broken heart just to make them feel super-awkward something like this

Why is it always the "far right" that is regarded as racist and not the far left?

Almost every news outlet indirectly uses the left-right scale to refer to left as the most egalitarian and least authoritative, whilst...

What could Joe Biden offer?

What could he do as President? I haven't heard him mention anything other than insulting Trump. What do you think?

Why can't they just keep the statues of people that have come before us and preserve them in museums around the world and fix the statues for history?

As an advocate for history i think it's important that we don't change history and but teach people the history and preserve history and...

Why does Trump keeps saying in speeches this week he has plan for healthcare and immigration when 4 years later --nothing?

Why would America reelect a person who is promising the exact same thing from 2016? Trump had 2 years of Republican control houses to...

Dead of Michael Reinhoel, could this be the first step in stopping the violence?

Michael Reinhoel is the self described "100% antifa" member who yelled "we've got a Trumper over here" then ran up to Aaron Danielson,...

I'm too ugly to go out?

I'm thinking of posting pictures on how I can improve my appearance, but I'm worried about backlash for being ugly. I already know...

What do you think about Trumps plan to fine everyone seen at BLM protests?

Rumours are they are planning to use all footage to find and locate protesters to fine them for the damage and police costs.

Which American coin do you think is most cherished during their past or current circulation period excluding the dollar coin?

Some of these coins went out of circulation early. The 2 cent coin only ran from 1864-1873. The half cent ran from 1793-1857. The others...

Do you agree with this statement about abortion?

It's okay until the fetus develops nervous system and has consciousness. That gives the woman few weeks to choose if she wants and can...

At this point in time, is there anything that could possibly persuade you to vote for the other presidential candidate?

A lot of polls are saying that most American's are already made up their minds on who they intend to vote for and aren't even really...

Are women overall the superior gender?

I believe that women these days are doing better than men and are more productive. Besides women give birth. I'm not angry in fact I'm...

Is this a normal father daughter photo?

This is rich lol No wonder why Trump says creepy things about Ivanka lol

Do you view men who participate in open relationships as being beta males?

Like guys who're okay with their girlfriends having other boyfriends or banging other guys?...

Do you think that black women have higher pain tolerance?

A lot of hospitals and medical centers tend to treat black women with less care and support because people think we have a higher...