No, the number of COVID-19 deaths has not been exaggerated 20x!

Since the beginning of September, Trump and the Republican party has been pushing the idea that the CDC has suddenly noticed that only...

September 11th 2020 - 19 YEARS - WE REMEMBER - WE WILL NOT FORGET

My beautiful city. Prior to 2001. What a beautiful sight! But this is what people on my island witnessed that day.... This is what the...

I hate my height more than anything else but I'm ready to stop caring about it.

I despise being considered small, weak, and tiny compared to everyone because I was meant for so much more than that, but I'm finally...

The Republican party is the home of real feminists now.

Real feminists do exist in the moderate left and the majority of the Republican party. The quintessential feminist is someone who...

The true story of why imperial Japan was so brutal and jingoistic during WWII

Japan, a true Jewel of the pacific. An island nation whose inhabitants have mysterious origins. An island nation that is nearly devoid...

Your comfort or their lives!

I don't really know if someone else rise this before, I don't know how your country is handling the pandemic But I looked around a...

Why are the feelings of guys worth so much less/considered to be less existent? Why is doing horrible shit to us less bad?

Also, why are girls who do the exact same horrible shit not considered equally disgusting pieces of shit? Why can guys "deserve" to...

Do you think pedophiles and rapists deserve the death penalty?

Myself and my colleagues at work today were discussing the death penalty and if it is warranted. I personally think it is for cold...

Are you a Trump supporter? And why yes or no?

I don't even live in the US, but no i am not. In my opinion that man should never be president again :)) Stay respectful!

What did Obama do for civil rights?

I keep hearing about how Obama helped black people, but what did he really do? I feel JFK and his administration did a lot more for...

Why are you Vegan or Vegetarian?

I am a big meat eater and have never understood why people decide to be Vegan/Vegetarian. I have heard two arguments for it one being...

Describe how you think restaurants will change moving forward, after the pandemic. How do you think they have changed since the pandemic begin?

Describe how you think restaurants will change moving forward, after the pandemic. How do you think they have changed since the pandemic...

Does anyone else hate Dr. Fauci?

He’s such a clown. Ruined my life and the economy for a fucking flu.

With a conservative judicial system, will states start banning gay marriage and abortion again?

Gay marriage was legalized nationwide in 2015. It would be awesome to see states reinstate bans on it six years later. 😂😂 It would be...

Do people know that we can't fix this country until we kick out the Democrats and the Republicans out of power?

Both parties are super anti American. This country is a shithole running by old ass corrupt dinosaurs who do not know how to run a...

Do you shame people who still support Democrats and Republicans?

If you still think that the Democrats and the Republicans are heroes who will save this country, you need mental help asap Both the...

Do you think child molesters are better off dead?

I think a life sentence followed by getting beaten/tormented by their inmates is punishment. However, my boyfriend thinks that's a waste...

Is someone an immoral person if they don't call the police when a crime is being committed?

Some people just want to avoid the drama at all costs. Even if it means not reacting. What's your opinion? Photo by "Peter...

Brianna Taylor decision in , what do you think happens next?

One of three cops got charged with Wanton Endangerment. Protesters are upset with decision by Kentucky AG. Trouble tonight in the...

Are Russian's Asian white people?

I mean, they're from the east.

Is confederacy making a comeback?

I am not talking about whether it's good for the country or not. I am just talk about the apparent comeback of the group