No, the number of COVID-19 deaths has not been exaggerated 20x!

Since the beginning of September, Trump and the Republican party has been pushing the idea that the CDC has suddenly noticed that only...

September 11th 2020 - 19 YEARS - WE REMEMBER - WE WILL NOT FORGET

My beautiful city. Prior to 2001. What a beautiful sight! But this is what people on my island witnessed that day.... This is what the...

I hate my height more than anything else but I'm ready to stop caring about it.

I despise being considered small, weak, and tiny compared to everyone because I was meant for so much more than that, but I'm finally...

The Republican party is the home of real feminists now.

Real feminists do exist in the moderate left and the majority of the Republican party. The quintessential feminist is someone who...

The true story of why imperial Japan was so brutal and jingoistic during WWII

Japan, a true Jewel of the pacific. An island nation whose inhabitants have mysterious origins. An island nation that is nearly devoid...

Your comfort or their lives!

I don't really know if someone else rise this before, I don't know how your country is handling the pandemic But I looked around a...

Do you agree with Trump that Jesus never should have been crucified and it was a fake witch hunt by the Romans?

Trump believes Jesus never should have died and been crucified and it was a real travesty. Trump also wants to remove all images of the...

Would you consider democrat voters to be patriots?

What exactly is a Patriot, well that has many interpretations but it does not include burning or destroying your country like how the...

Why is the world so politically correct nowadays?

the world has become a pile of asexual, politically correct, bullshit. Everything is racist, I don’t even go on Facebook and Twitter...

For men who oppose abortion?

How much of your opposition is a result of a genuine wish to protect the unborn, and how much of it is a result of bitterness towards...

Has it ever truly mattered what the brand name on my suit read or to the type of car, the keys inside my hands started?

I’m pissed off, I’m beyond angry and hurt. Yet, I don’t know exactly who to be angry with or where to focus my pains and frustrations...

Anyone knows about homeless and homeless shelters?

Does anyone know if the homeless shelter find you housing or not? Also what happens if you can’t find housing in time?

Is a company giving hiring preferances to people of colour racist?

I just saw a government job listed and down the bottom it said they will be giving hiring preferance to qualified aboriginal or...

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." Do you agree with this quote from Anne Frank?

That people, no matter how evil, are actually ultimately good, but are influenced by other factors?

How important are politics and religion in a relationship?

Are politics and religion important in a relationship, why or why not?

How do I get better at confrontation or just avoid it?

I was reading a Dora book to my kids. Boots the monkey gets his Halloween custome stolen by Swiper the fox. The main concept is no...

Is covid magically going to go away after the election?

I'll give you a pass for buying into it the first month or two, but if you're not at least somewhat skeptical at this point I feel sorry...

Why do you hate feminism?

Also, do all feminist’s have to adhere to the same beliefs? It’s just equality, right?

Trump vs Biden, who should have the nuke codes?

A president should be stable, calm and work to better everyone’s life. Trump doesn’t do any of that shit. Biden is a senile old man who...

Was there justice for Breonna Taylor after the grand jury decision ? Is there a right decision here?

A grand jury didn’t charge any officers with shooting Ms. Taylor in her Louisville apartment. A former officer, accused of firing...