Why Anti-racism is a Hard Sell

Accusations of "racism" have been tagged to institutions and people with heavy hands recently. The extent to which this occurs can make...

The Former Emperor’s New Clothes

Once upon a time, there was a mad emperor who was so corrupt and incompetent that he drove his kingdom into ruin. The people could stand...

Are you insane?

All I care about is money. And women. And drugs. And nothing else. But most importantly it's money because money enables everything else...

The Division within the United States: We Need to Come Together

To everyone who is living in the United States in the remaining days of the 2020 Presidential Elections, I have to ask everyone to come...

What is wrong with our society and this election

I haven’t been very active politically for the last 4 years or even before that. It is my fault that I never really seriously considered...

Is abortion a gender issue? Or a moral issue?

Before jumping to the replies section to bash me. Be open minded and give this myTake a read. I will show you why abortion concerns both...

Do you suspect their was fraud in the presidential election? ?

My gut tells me cheating was involve in the presidential election. I just know our wonderful president Donald Trump had the most votes....

Do you think half the country is white supremacists?

So I've basically been traumatized seeing how far people can go with their ideological beliefs, was talking to someone in a discord...

Which Country Will Be the New Center of the Pandemic in Europe?

covid 19, pandemic Which Country Will Be the New Center of the Pandemic in Europe? I think there was Italy before Italy was the center...

Why do so many people from villages and small rural areas have such warped priorities?

They worry about how someone said goodbye. They worry about a co worker earning 50 cents more than them. They worry about what clothes...

Why are we getting a federal legal marijuana bill and in the same bill banning the ownership of big cats in a stimulus package?

You can tell by my name yes I agree with the legalization of marijuana don’t really care if people on Tiger is not really everybody...

Why is election integrity so politicized? Hasn’t it become obvious wide-scale fraud occurred? Didn’t Trump actually win?

Its become obvious to me that Democrats don’t care about fairness and decency. Their guy “won” and that’s all that matters to them. They...

How would communism actually function?

Let's say that the country you currently reside in voted in a communist party - what happens? How would it function?

Am I the only one who thinks body count DOES matter?

To some people, and thats ok as long as your not rude. And no I dont mean how many people youve killed. Its also ok to ask someone what...

Do you believe there's a difference between being sincerely kind and polite and political correctness?

I see political correctness as nothing more than disingenuous kindness and speech-policing.

If Trump is a populist does that means Biden is also populist?

Both love wars, giving big companies a tax cut, and sucking off Wall Street. Both only care about themselves and their rich buddies....

Have you ever seen a silent voice?

I feel like the movie is insanely underrated. Let's see how many people have heard of it.

Have you ever felt that your hometown is to small for your ambitions?

I have big ambitions, and not been able to even work, it's killing me. I've ended my carrier, but I never had a job. I was gonna start...

Would you let your son wear makeup?

Let's say that your son is 13 and has noticable acne. He doesn't mind but when you guys are invited out to a family party he sees his...