Prepare to cry and wish you were a better person. Sometimes in life we get so caught up in what would make our first world lives even more...

LaVena Johnson's story. *spoiler* It was a military coverup.

This story pisses me off and why I'll never join the Army, but let's get into it. LaVena and her family grew up in Missouri. She was...

Why I feel the term feminism has been ruined

I've grown up as what I thought was a feminist, I have been involved in volunteering with young women, working on their skills...

HistoryTake: Indigenous heritage of the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico.

I came a cross a question on GAG about Indian war paint. It made me wonder about my own Indian heritage The Taino Indians. The post was...
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Women are not to blame for societal problems and failures.

Saw a question about feminism possibly “killing off” marriage. This will be short and I will be deleting this Take. I am not going to...

Girls more than guys are more free market capitalist individuals

Hear me out. I know it's the reverse in terms of economics and wealth, but in terms of body and dating, they're like- too bad nice guy....

What is your view on people that think that their word is law?

People that can't see things from other people's perspective are taking over the world. I keep coming across these self righteous...

Do you think there will be a war between men and women?

Are men and women intolerant of each other nowadays?

Why do people erase your respectful comments and block you because its backed with facts that contradict what they said?

To the people who do this. Are you afraid to debate an issue? Are you only on here to get people to agree with you to make you feel...

Why are Americans so fat?

I new understood this. I lived most of my life in France and then visited the USA and the amount of fat Americans just blows my mind....

I love to observe real life cases and do some analysis , so here is my question? Have you observed that more stricter the parents more?

the child commits things or stuff which he/she should not for example: If a family is too conservative and premarital sex is a big thing...

Is there ever a situation where society will find it understandable to commit suicide?

Take for instance robin williams. He was living with a form of dementia and was rapidly losing his mind, which is why he ended his life....

Do people know that we can't fix this country until we kick out the Democrats and the Republicans out of power?

Both parties are super anti American. This country is a shithole running by old ass corrupt dinosaurs who do not know how to run a...

Do you shame people who still support Democrats and Republicans?

If you still think that the Democrats and the Republicans are heroes who will save this country, you need mental help asap Both the...

Do you think child molesters are better off dead?

I think a life sentence followed by getting beaten/tormented by their inmates is punishment. However, my boyfriend thinks that's a waste...

Is someone an immoral person if they don't call the police when a crime is being committed?

Some people just want to avoid the drama at all costs. Even if it means not reacting. What's your opinion? Photo by "Peter...

Brianna Taylor decision in , what do you think happens next?

One of three cops got charged with Wanton Endangerment. Protesters are upset with decision by Kentucky AG. Trouble tonight in the...

Are Russian's Asian white people?

I mean, they're from the east.

Is confederacy making a comeback?

I am not talking about whether it's good for the country or not. I am just talk about the apparent comeback of the group