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Should I quit volleyball?

coach likes to @ people. One time i hurt myself practing in "my free time" after a long practice and my coach didn't ask if i was ok she basically ignored me every practice while my ankle was hurt. Tgen went on to gather everyine in a group on the other side of the gym (farthest from were i was sitting) and use me as example as to why they need fix what there doing wrong or theyll hurt themselves. Once i was healed i barely got any playing time. She does not seem to favor me in any way. I am a good player i bust ass to improve and get every balll. I was a starter and captain on jv for 3 years. But freshmen still get pulled up ahead of me. I was supposed to be pulled up to varsity last year but i never played the whole season. And this year since i am a senior i can't play jv anymore and get playing time. Since am on the varsity team with all her favorites. At a practice i tipped to the wrong spot she stopped the whole practuce to ask where it should have gone i said the wrong spot and she told another teammate to tell me when they didn't know she asked another. She then went on to tell everybody we should know this by now and i qoute "EVEN IF YOUR NOT PHYSICALLY ABLE YOU SHOULD BE A STUDENT OF THE GAME". I am physically able she just doesn't direct me. If her favorite is messing up sll game she won't take them out. I dont want to quit but i play for the team and i am part of the team and i dont play. We had a tournament and in those 8 games i didn't play once. I get punished along with everyone elae cause they dont play with 100% when im doing all u can on bench. And i know i would give anything to even get the chance to play and i would give everything to get a touch on that ball. Cause i know i won't get many chances.
Should I quit volleyball?
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