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What sport should I try?

I have been dancing ever since I was 2 years old. And I LOVE dancing SO much ( I am currently 15). Basically starting my Freshman year of High school, I wanted to really focus on school without being stressed. I am a person who will not for any reason accept a B on my report card, because I come from a not so wealthy family, so my education is very important to me. This year I am taking every single honors class, along with clubs, and other school related stuff this year. There was no way I would be able to do all this stuff, along with my 3-6 hour dance classes, and still be able to get straight A's. So I had to quit.. and it's making me so sad that this thing has been a part of my life for so long, is now suddenly out. And so I've just been really down by the fact that I will no longer be dancing. Also, I had been accepted into this really good dance schools company this year, which I was so excited about because when you're in the company you get these major roles, travel around the country, company leo and jacket, and these beautiful costumes. Anyways, my point is I've been thinking about just joining a school sport. Since school sports are just seasonal I would be able to handle that, while dance was all year round including the summer. I was thinking track, since I use to do a lot of 5ks, but its been like 5 years. But I don't know if it will give me the rush that I had while dancing. Reccomendations for sports I could start without it being too late?
What sport should I try?
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