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Should I quit volleyball?

I love playing volleyball. But it’s my junior year and the team as became depressing. I’m gonna turn 16 next week and I wanna get job, explore my teen life. I don’t wanna regret anything I make. I feel like I’m holding onto to volleyball because all the hard sweat and tears I’ve had put into it. The school year has already start and my coach is a complete asshole I’m surprise some of the freshman haven’t quit yet. He has gotten to point People starting to skip practice. Volleyball use to be thing I love. I keep going back and forth about it. I’ve been slacking with my work at that because I be so sleep. I play both Jv and varsity and I feel like he’s just all over the place. My coach is also my teacher by the way and I did come up to her about my feeling she told me her experience and said I’m gonna regret it. I know it’s my own decision but I’m lost. I just don’t wanna make the wrong decision. I love volleyball but my happiest comes first. I work so hard at this sport and I don’t want it go to waste. I wanna get in to YouTube and stuff and find myself. I feel like I keep putting myself at a place I’m comfortable at just Becuase it’s a good feeling. I wanna try other things but then again i don’t wanna let nobody down and I wanna push myself. Also my coach keep telling us volleyball is a varsity sport and isn’t suppose to be happy and honestly that bullshit and he’s bullshit. He’s making all the team go against eachother for spots.
Should I quit volleyball?
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